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Active Country fuses country-music attitude with the excitement and unity of the most popular sports in America. Its goal is to bring people together through the activities they love, and in combination with the country heritage from which this great nation was built. In fact, that's why a percentage of all profit generated by Active Country is donated to charities that support the brave men and women that serve the USA in the armed forces. Active Country is about displaying pride in what you love and pride for who you are, while bringing us closer together based on our common interests. Active Country is for the people... for you... for us!
More Than Just A Shirt

While shirts, hats and buckles allow you to proudly display your unique passion for sports and country-culture, Active Country is more than just a brand name: it’s a community based on passions. is the Internet's premier portal blending country music with sports.

Can’t find seats to your team's next home or road game? Want to see which country music artists are in town and if there are any tickets left? links you to a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access a comprehensive ticket database of almost any sporting and music event. What is more, if you find yourself stuck with extra tickets, you can sell your tickets on the same nationwide database that is accessed daily by thousands on many other websites around the web!

Want to see that upcoming Brad Paisley concert, but can’t find a fellow fan to go with? Itching to join a softball league but can't find the right teammates? Head over to the forums, create a personal profile, and find people in your area with the same sports and music preferences as yourself!

It’s easy! It's fun! Most importantly, it brings us together based on activities and interests that improve our lives. Active Country and was created for all of us, so enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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